About the Author

Chiquita Carr is the author of  the new book series Freddie The Frog and Anna Marie’s Amazing Adventures. Chiquita lives in Lake Charles but was raised and educated in Port Allen, Louisiana.  She has a 27-year -old son and a 13 -year -old daughter.  She said she nearly lost her marbles when she realized she was starting over.  Chiquita says this has truly been an adventure of a lifetime!


For as long as I could remember, I’ve  wanted my son to write a book however, it turns out that it was “MY CALLING”, not his.  I began this journey by simply putting some of my thoughts on paper to make room for other thoughts that occupied space in my universe which turned out to be quite funny!  So remember, never quit or give up too soon because that next step could be the right step!


I became fascinated with the story as my 13-year-old read what I’d written with so much animation, bringing this story to life. She’s the Anna Marie of the family, a quiet storm that’s always into something.  I’d love a quick chat to see what adventures you and Freddie would like to experience. 



I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Phillippians 4:13